1- Why choose SunLouvre Pergolas?

SunLouvre Pergolas is a high-end garden aluminum roof concept manufactured by the company ID 224 located in Canada. Thanks to a manual lever mechanism, this adjustable louvered pergola makes it possible to open and close the roof and thus have complete control of the sun and rain on your terrace. SunLouvre Pergolas products are appreciated for their ease of use, high quality and design. In addition, they are 100% rainproof, maintenance-free and guaranteed for 10 years.

This very fashionable type of pergola offers great versatility to adapt to the peculiarities of all: hotels, restaurants, spas, office and commercial buildings, condominiums, private homes and rooftops. Pergola projects are custom made to answer everyone’s needs, to maximize the exterior space and harmonize perfectly with the environment.

ID 224 is the leader in Québec in manufacturing bioclimatic pergolas for residential and commercial markets with over 1000 projects to its credit. Since 2011, the company has developed unique, efficient and functional manufacture and assembly methods. The ID 224 team demonstrates its know-how and experience everyday and the reputation of its personalized customer service is now well recognized.

2 - Is the roof waterproof?

Yes, the roof of a SunLouvre Pergolas is 100% waterproof against rain. The way the louvers fit into each other and their special “S” shape that collects rainwater allows the water to drain at the end of the louvers in the case of the Classic model, or inside a gutter in the case of the Integrated Louvers model.

3 - What is the product made of?

Our pergolas are fully manufactured in quality aluminum (Alloy 6063 T5).

4 - What are the possible sizes and heights?

All projects are possible. We have predetermined sizes and we also offer custom-made projects according to your needs and specifications.

5 - What are the available colors?

We offer five (5) choice of colors, powder-coat paint finish, with a “sandy” texture:
Black (RAL 9005)
White (RAL 9003)
Brown (RAL 8019)
Grey (RAL 9006)
Sable (home blend).

Custom powder-coated finish color available (extra cost and delivery time to be confirmed).

6 - How is maintenance handled?

There isn’t any maintenance required; only periodic washing (soapy water with low water pressure) to keep the structure and the mechanism clean.

7 - What should be done for winter?

The pergola doesn’t need to be desassemble and reassemble in Spring. It remains in place. Before the announcement of the first snow and for the whole winter, you must simply lock the louvers in vertical position (open) to avoid loads of snow. Leave the louvers in this position until there is no more risk of snow and freeze. To proceed with the locking of mechanisms, just remove and insert the pins (already in your pergola) in the “winter holes” of the adjustors. For example, if you have two roof sections, you have six adjustors (3 per section), then six pins to insert.
See our locking process videos on our YouTube Channel.

8 - What is the total weight of the structure?

Approximately 2 pounds per square feet.

9 - What are the warranty terms?

10 years limited. Consult our SunLouvre Pergolas warranty for all details.

10 - How does the after-sales service work?

The retailer provides after-sales service with the help of the provider (ID 224).

11 - Can we install it ourselves?

This is not possible. Our pro certified SunLouvre Pergolas installers will install your pergola to make sure your product is fully guaranteed.

12 - What are the production deadlines?

Expect between 8 to 12 weeks of production according to inventory, time of year, region and shipping delay.

13 - How long does it take to install?

For a medium-sized structure, expect one day for installation with 2 qualified SunLouvre Pergolas installers.

14 - Will the paint change color over time?

We use a high-quality powder-coat paint that reduces this risk. It depends on your color’s intensity and the exposure to sunlight.

15 - Can we just buy the roof without the aluminum posts?

Yes, it is possible since our roof garden is adaptable to certain existing structures.

16 - Can we just buy a vertical wall to use as a screen or shield?

Yes. Actually, it is possible to buy only one vertical custom-made panel and install it on an existing building. Certain conditions must be validated before.

17 - Can we automate the opening and closing of the adjustable rafters?

Yes. A motor can be installed for each section of 200 ft² max., with control, a rain sensor and automatic closing.

18 - Can we install curtains, mica or mosquito netting and how will they be installed?

Yes. The main beam is made to insert sliding component (wheels with hook) for curtain or mosquito netting.

19 - Can we install terrace heaters?

Yes, but always confirm weight loads with your local reseller.

20 - Can we install light fixtures?

Yes, but if the weight load is important, check with your reseller. Here is a tip: all our sections are hollow so it is easy to integrate and hide wiring.

21 - How do we attach the posts to the ground?

It is strongly suggested concrete tubes (Sonotubes) or screw piles (min. 3 inches diameter) with frost-resistant stakes or well fastened onto a concrete slab.

22 - Can it be attached to the wall of a house?

Yes, of course. It just needs to be firmly anchored to the building with SunLouvre Pergolas components.

23 - What slope should the roof have to allow for water drainage?

Ideally, we suggest a 3% slope or approximately 3/8’’ / ft.

24 - In what direction should louvers (rafters) be installed?

If the pergola is attached to the building, it is suggested they be perpendicular for good rain runoff. If the pergola is in the garden and non-attached (freestanding), the ideal orientation for the louvers is to have them in a north-south direction.

25 - Do you offer different models?

Yes. We have two different assembly models to satisfy all our customers: Classic model and Integrated Louvers model.

26 - What does the "bioclimatic" effect of a SunLouvre Pergolas mean?

The louvers open and their angle adjusts to generate natural ventilation, expelling wind and heat up and out through the roof and letting warm sunshine in on cool days. The louvers close to create a fully rainproof roof to protect your outdoor furniture and to extend your moments of relaxation or time with friends.

27 - Why choose a SunLouvre Pergolas instead of a gazebo or awning?

The 100% aluminum SunLouvre Pergolas is an interesting alternative to gazebo or awning. Besides being esthetic, strong and durable, the SunLouvre Pergolas is a bioclimatic product that provides a natural ventilation, lets in sunlight through the roof when louvers are opened and protects against rain or hot sun rays with closed louvers.

Discover all the advantages of a SunLouvre Pergolas compared to a gazebo or an awning.

A nice alternative to gazebo or awning

Now very fashionable, the pergola more and more remplaces the gazebo and awning.

With a SunLouvre Pergolas, you benefit from all the advantages that offer usual garden shelters such as gazebos and awnings, with only one good looking high-quality product, at the best price on the market, and custom-made to your needs.

Maintenance Guide

No lubricant: No lubricant is necessary.

Regular use: When you use your structure, you must open and close the rafters at least twice a week.

Load: Under no circumstances, open or closed rafters, and the SunLouvre Pergolas structure, cannot bear any weight load.

Storage: If a part of your SunLouvre Pergolas is stored, make sure that it is clean and dry before and during storing it.

If it occurs: When the product SunLouvre Pergolas is installed on a concrete slab or other surface and is attached to the residence, we are not responsible for the movements of the slab or other surface that could cause some breakage to the product or the residence.


To clean your pergola, use soapy water with low water pressure. If there are fragments of trees leaves, acorns, pine cones etc. near your structure, it is recommended to clean your mechanism periodically.

Before the announcement of the first snow and for the whole winter, you must lock the rafters in vertical position (open) to avoid loads of snow. Leave the rafters in this position until there is no more risk of snow.

Rafters locks: Simply slide the bolts (3 ½ inches long, supplied with the pergola) into the corresponding hole of the opening mechanism for each section. There are three bolts to be inserted per adjustable section. For example, if you have two sections, you have six bolts to insert. This ensures proper locking during the entire winter period. (See the locking process on YouTube)

In extreme and/or rare opportunity: if there is an accumulation of snow between the rafters, pay attention not to let excessive accumulation of snow on your structure.

For the vertical panel: If you have a vertical panel, the rafters must remain half-opened, at 45° angle, to avoid snow accumulation. The same principle of bolts slid into the corresponding hole will ensure proper locking throughout the winter period.

Motor (if any): If your structure has a motor, it must be unplugged and removed during winter. Make sure the wires are well-insulated and protected from bad weather.

Limited 10 Years SunLouvre Pergolas Warranty

The components of the SunLouvre Pergolas product are guaranteed by ID 224 inc. against any manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years including aluminum and the manual opening and closing mechanisms of the louvres.

To benefit of the warranty, the installation of the SunLouvre Pergolas product must have been completed by a technician authorized by ID 224.

This warranty applies from the date of installation, subject to the registration of the SunLouvre Pergolas product as indicated in the “warranty conditions” below.

The warranty is extended only to the original purchaser (“Client“) and is not transferable.The warranty is, in all cases, limited to the price paid for the product.

The warranty includes SunLouvre Pergolas authorized installer labor for a period of one year from the date of installation of the pergola.

The warranty is only applicable in Canada.


Warranty conditions
To activate the SunLouvre Pergolas limited warranty, the product registration must have been duly completed within 30 days after the date of the installation of the product, either online at www.sunlouvrepergolas.com/en/registration-form or by returning the form below by mail to the ID 224 Head Office address with a copy of proof of purchase.

Click on the “+” sign to consult one of the sections below

The warranty of the SunLouvre Pergolas product does not apply:

a) To damage due to acts of God or force majeure, including without limitation: change of color caused by the sun and the salt, any damage resulting from smoke, fire, exceptional climatic conditions such as deep frosts, heavy snow, violent winds, lightning, heavy rain, black ice, hurricanes, ground movement, flooding, overflow of any stream as well as vandalism.
b) To damage, direct or indirect, resulting from the negligence of the Client, improper maintenance or improper use of the product, including without limitation, a source of direct or indirect heat, deletions, modifications and/or additions made by the Client, and a charge of any weight on the rafters and the structure of the SunLouvre Pergolas.
c) To damage, direct or indirect, resulting from an installation made by the Client or an unauthorized technician.
d) To damage, direct or indirect, resulting from an installation or improper storage, maintenance or use by any person who does not meet the guidelines referred to by the “SunLouvre Pergolas Maintenance Guide” of ID 224.
e) When SunLouvre Pergolas is installed on a concrete slab or other surface and is attached to the residence, damages, direct or indirect, resulting from movements in such a concrete slab or surface.
f) To the installation of the structure.
g) To the motor(s), if any.
h) To installations made by a technician non-authorized by ID 224.
i) To the assembly and the efficiency of the components when the installation is not made by a SunLouvre Pergolas authorized installer.
j) To damage direct or indirect that can be caused by the Client’s structure on which the SunLouvre Pergolas product has been installed.
k) To the flow or water infiltration between the wall and the pergola in the case of an installation attached to a building.
l) To the cost of packing, dismantling, storage, transport and handling.

The warranty for accessories (if any)

The motor is guaranteed for a period of 1 year if purchased together with your SunLouvre Pergolas product.

Other conditions affecting the warranty

The application of the warranty is suspended without notice or delay if the customer or reseller has financial obligations in default to ID 224 and remains suspended until the Client or reseller has not fully paid his financial obligations to the satisfaction of ID 224. Buying a SunLouvre Pergolas replacement part does not have the effect of extending the duration of the warranty.

Warranty claims

Any claims under this warranty must be made in writing and received at ID 224, by email to the following address: info@sunlouvrepergolas.com, and within 30 days of discovery of the defect.  This written notification must include the name and address of the Client, a detailed description of the defect, photos to support the claim, the date of installation, the date of the observation of the defect, the address where the product is installed, the name of the installer and the address of the retailer and a copy of the invoice.

ID 224 will have the right to inspect the structure and the product upon receipt of a warranty claim.  Therefore, avoid any repairs before the inspection by ID 224. Any repairs or alterations to the product before the inspection could cancel the said warranty.

After inspection, if ID 224 determines that the warranty is applicable, ID 224, at its sole discretion and at its expense, will replace or repair the product, or refund any amount paid by the Client for the purchase of the SunLouvre Pergolas product, all within 180 days of receipt of the warranty claim. All labor charges generated by ID 224 must be paid by the Client after one your of the date of installation.

In case of replacement of the product, if the same product is no longer available, it will be replaced by a product with a value equivalent to that product being replaced at the time of the initial purchase.


This written warranty is considered as an official document and replaces all other warranties and conditions mentioned or given previously by ID 224 to the Client, whether written or oral. ID 224 will not be held responsible, in any case, for the replacement cost of another product and/or operating loss directly or indirectly. This warranty shall be governed by the law of the province of Québec, Canada.

Register your warranty online