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1 - Why choose SunLouvre Pergolas?

SunLouvre Pergolas is a manufacturer high-end aluminum garden roof concept, located in Québec, Canada. Thanks to a user-friendly operating mechanism, the roof of our adjustable louvered pergola can be opened and closed, giving you complete control over the sun and rain on your patio. SunLouvre Pergolas products are valued for their ease of use, high quality and design. In addition, they are 100% rainproof, maintenance-free and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

This very fashionable type of pergola offers great versatility, making it adaptable to every need: hotels, restaurants, spas, condominiums, private homes, outdoor common areas, offices and commercial buildings, and rooftops. Pergola projects are available in standard sizes or custom built to meet every requirement, to maximize your outdoor space and harmonize perfectly with your environment.

SunLouvre Pergolas is the Canadian leader in the manufacture of bioclimatic pergolas for residential and commercial markets. Since 2011, the company has developed unique, efficient and functional manufacturing and assembly techniques. The SunLouvre Pergolas team continue to demonstrate their know-how and experience every day, and their reputation for personalized customer service is now widely recognized.

2 - Is the roof waterproof?

Yes, the roof of a SunLouvre Pergolas is 100% waterproof against rain. The way the louvers fit into each other and their special “s” shape, which collects rainwater, allows water to drain off the ends of the louvers in the case of the Classic Model, or into a gutter in the case of the Integrated Louvers Model.

3 - What is the product made of?

Our pergolas are built entirely of quality aluminum (6005 T5 alloy).

4 - What are the possible sizes and heights?

All projects are possible. We have predetermined sizes and we also offer custom-made projects according to your needs and specifications.

5 - What are the available colors?

We offer “sand” texture powder coating finish, in five (5) color choices:


Powder-coating finish may also be ordered in a custom shade (additional cost and turnaround time to be confirmed).

6 - How is maintenance handled?

No maintenance is required; only periodic washing (soapy water with low-pressure spray of water) to keep the structure and mechanisms clean.

7 - What should be done for winter?

The pergola does not need to be taken down for the winter and reassembled in spring. It stays up year round. Plan to winterize it before the first snow, simply by locking the louvers in vertical position (open) to avoid a build-up of snow, and leave it until the risk of snow and ice is past in spring.

Read the Maintenance Guide section to learn how to lock your SunLouvre Pergolas roof, or watch the video on our YouTube channel.

8 - What is the total weight of the structure?

Approximately 2 pounds per square foot.

9 - What are the warranty terms?

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our pergolas.

10 - How does the after-sale service work?

The reseller provides the after-sale service with the help of SunLouvre Pergolas.

11 - Can we install it ourselves?

This is not possible. Our pro-certified SunLouvre Pergolas installers will install your pergola to make sure your product is fully guaranteed.

12 - What are the production deadlines?

Expect between 3 to 10 weeks of production according to inventory, time of year, region and delivery time.

13 - How long does it take to install?

For a medium-sized structure, expect one day for installation by 2 qualified SunLouvre Pergolas installers.

14 - Will the paint change color over time?

We use a high-quality powder-coat paint that reduces this risk. It depends on your color’s intensity and exposure to sunlight over a very long term.

15 - Can we buy just the roof without the aluminum posts?

Yes, this is possible since our Classic garden roof model is adaptable to certain existing structures.

16 - Can we buy just a vertical wall to use as a screen or shield?

Yes, it is indeed possible to buy just one custom-made vertical panel of adjustable louvers to install on an existing building. Certain prerequisites apply to ensure structural stability (must be confirmed by one of our representatives).

17 - Can we automate the opening and closing of the adjustable louvers?

Yes, a motor with remote control can be installed on the pergola for each 200 ft² section (maximum).

18 - Can we install curtains, mica sheets or mosquito nets, and how will they be installed?

Yes, the main beam on the S Series pergolas is made to insert track components (rollers with hooks) for curtains or mosquito nets.

19 - Can we install patio heaters?

Yes, but we recommend that you always confirm weight loads with your reseller to avoid damage to the pergola.

20 - Can we install light fixtures?

Yes, but if the weight load is substantial, check with your reseller. Here is a tip: all our components are hollow so it is easy to insert and conceal wiring.

21 - How do we attach the posts to the ground?

We strongly suggest concrete tubes (Sonotubes), concrete slabs, or screw piles (min. 3 inches diameter) with frost-resistant stakes or firmly anchored to a concrete slab.

22 - Can the pergola be attached to the wall of a house?

Yes, with no problem for most exterior cladding. The pergola is firmly anchored to the building frame using SunLouvre Pergolas components.

23 - What slope should the roof have to allow for water drainage?

Ideally, we suggest a 3% slope or approximately 3/8’’ / ft for our pergolas.

24 - In what direction should the louvers be installed?

If the pergola is attached to the building, it is suggested that the louvers be perpendicular for good rain drainage. If the pergola is a freestanding structure in the backyard, the ideal orientation for the louvers is in a north-south direction.

25 - Do you offer different models?

We have two different models:

  • our Classic Model pergolas with adjustable louvers
  • our Integrated Louvers Model with adjustable louvers

Both models can be either attached to a building or freestanding.

26 - What does the "Bioclimatic" effect of a SunLouvre Pergolas mean?

The bioclimatic effect means that the roof louvers open and adjust to generate natural ventilation, expelling wind and heat up and out through the roof and letting warm sunshine in on cool days. The louvers close to create a fully rainproof roof to protect your outdoor furniture and to extend your moments of peaceful relaxation or outdoor gatherings.

27 - Why choose a SunLouvre Pergolas instead of a gazebo or awning?

The 100% aluminum SunLouvre Pergolas is an interesting alternative to the gazebo or awning. Besides being esthetic, strong and durable, SunLouvre Pergolas is a bioclimatic product that provides natural ventilation, lets in sunlight through the roof when louvers are opened and protects against rain or hot sun when they are closed thus avoiding the greenhouse effect of a gazebo. And unlike the awning, which can rip or tear in high winds, our pergola roofs are highly wind resistant.

Discover all the advantages of a SunLouvre Pergolas compared to a gazebo or an awning.

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To safeguard the product warranty, extend the life of your pergola, and ensure your complete satisfaction with your purchase, follow your SunLouvre Pergolas Maintenance Guide.

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