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Bioclimatic 100% Aluminium PergolasINSTALLERS AND MANUFACTURERS

With SunLouvre Pergolas bioclimatic pergolas, discover the concept of high-end aluminum garden roofs with adjustable louvers. Experience unique moments lulled by the distinctive atmosphere of light and shade.

Using a manual or motorized mechanism, these exclusive pergolas allow you to have complete control of the sun and rain on your patio. SunLouvre Pergolas products are appreciated for their ease of use, high quality and design. In addition, they are 100% waterproof against rain, maintenance-free and with a limited lifetime warranty.

This very trendy type of pergola offers great versatility to adapt to the particularities of all: hotels, restaurants, spas, condominiums, private residences, outdoor common areas, office or commercial buildings and roof terraces.

SunLouvre Pergolas is the leader in Canada in the manufacture of bioclimatic pergolas for the residential and commercial markets with more than 1500 projects to its credit. Since 2011, the company has developed unique, efficient and functional manufacturing and assembly methods. The SunLouvre Pergolas team demonstrates its daily know-how and experience and the reputation of its personalized customer service is now well recognized.

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SunLouvre Pergolas - Frequently Asked Questions
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SunLouvre Pergolas - Frequently Asked Questions