About SunLouvre Pergolas

SunLouvre Pergolas is a high-end louvered garden roof concept. Made in Canada of 100% aluminum with a limited lifetime warranty, the roof louvers’ opening and closing mechanism allows you to transform a terrace into a space protected from sun and rain. SunLouvre Pergolas projects are custom built to maximize the outdoor space and harmonize perfectly with the environment. Thanks to its know-how, experience and investments in research and development, SunLouvre Pergolas today excels at the manufacture of pergolas with adjustable louvers, and is widely reputed for its personalized customer service. SunLouvre Pergolas is the Canadian leader in manufacturing bioclimatic pergolas for the residential and commercial markets.


The SunLouvre Pergolas concept is the brainchild of company founders, Annie Fortin and Frédéric Pelletier, when they made the decision to reorient their respective careers. Their desire to work together as a couple, their attention to detail, their passion for beautiful things and the pleasure that comes from a time spent outdoors, gave rise in 2011 to the idea of forming a company to manufactur bioclimatic pergolas. This type of pergola with adjustable aluminum louvers is an exclusive, high-end product, already in great demand in certain countries, mainly in Europe, but little known in North America. Thus was born ID 224 Inc.

ID 224 began marketing the SunLouvre Pergolas Classic model. After several months of research and development, a new model with integrated louvers was launched; a pergola with the same characteristics of 100% aluminum adjustable louvers, but with a more modern look, an integrated gutter and greater resistance to strong winds. With these two models, the company continued its strong growth and expansion across Canada and the United States.


Today, more and more satisfied customers are spending time outdoors, enjoying every moment of relaxation under a SunLouvre Pergolas, a brand now recognized throughout North America for its values of excellence and customer satisfaction, for its passion and involvement, and for the respect and trust which the founders have transmitted to all of their employees, not to mention the delivery of a high quality product and outstanding customer service, key priorities in their eyes for the success of their business.

Relocation and expansion

Who says growth, says moving! The company, which has experienced significant growth, decided in November 2020 to relocate its staff and warehouse to a single, larger location better suited to the many challenges to come, while remaining in the city of Granby, Quebec. The new premises feature a brand new showroom, open by appointment only, to better serve its customers.

10th anniversary of the company’s founding and name change

With the ever-growing name recognition of the SunLouvre Pergolas brand and to mark its 10th anniversary, the company launched a brand new website in April 2021. This new forward-looking image undoubtedly reinforces SunLouvre Pergolas’ leadership position in Canada in the field of bioclimatic pergolas with adjustable louvers.

SunLouvre Pergolas, a brand that will stand the test of time!