To safeguard the product warranty, extend the life of your pergola, and ensure your complete satisfaction with your purchase, follow your SunLouvre Pergolas Maintenance Guide.

At all times

No lubricant: no lubricant is required to operate the roof mechanisms.

Regular use: during summer use of your structure, be sure to open and close the louvers at least twice a week. Perform a visual inspection occasionally, to make sure your pergola is operating properly.

Load: SunLouvre Pergolas structure and louvers, whether open or closed, cannot bear any weight load under any circumstances.

Storage: if part of your SunLouvre Pergolas must be stored, make sure that it is clean and dry before and during storage.

If this occurs: if the SunLouvre Pergolas product is installed on a concrete slab or other surface and is attached to a building, we are not responsible for the movements of the slab or other surface which may result in damage to the product or the building.


Use soapy water and a low-pressure spray of water to clean your pergola. If there are trees and shrubs, etc. near your structure, it is recommended that you clean your mechanisms periodically, to remove plant debris.

Maintenance Guide – PDF

In winter

Before the first snow, make sure to winterize your pergola by locking the louvers in vertical position (open) to prevent loads of heavy snow and ice from accumulating. Leave the louvers in this position until the risk of snow and freezing in spring has passed.

Louver lock: open the louvers to the vertical position. Locate the adjusters (articulated arms) under the roof. Find the locking pin and the holes made through the adjuster: there is a “summer” hole (“sun” icon with the pin already inserted) and a “winter” hole (“snowflake” icon with an empty hole).

Verrouillage pergola pour l'hiver

  • Remove the pin from the “summer – sun” hole.
  • Insert the pin in the “winter – snowflake” hole.

View the locking procedure video on our YouTube channel.

In extreme and/or rare circumstances: if there is accumulation of snow between the louvers, pay attention and make sure to remove any excessive build-up of snow on your structure.

For a vertical louvered wall panel: if you have a wall of adjustable louvers, the louvers must be kept half-open at a 45° angle to prevent snow accumulation. Follow the same louver locking procedure to protect your louvered wall all winter long.

Motor (if applicable): if your pergola has a motor, it must be unplugged and removed for the winter (always make sure the wires are well-insulated and protected from the elements) and the batteries removed from the remote control.