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Welcome to the SunLouvre Pergolas by/par ID 224TM website (sunlouvrepergolas.com). By browsing our website, you agree to the following terms and conditions of use. If this is not your intention, please leave the site.

Exclusion of liability

SunLouvre Pergolas makes no warranty as to the accuracy, relevance or reliability of the content of the website, or with regard to errors or omissions that it may contain. Under no circumstances can the information contained on the website be interpreted as legal advice. SunLouvre Pergolas declines all responsibility for the use made of this information.

Protection of personal information

SunLouvre Pergolas respects your right to the protection of personal information, in accordance with the privacy protection legislation of Québec and Canada. SunLouvre Pergolas may collect personal information about you when you use its website. This personal information is used exclusively by SunLouvre Pergolas to communicate with you, provide you with the services or information that you have requested or send you information that may be of interest to you. SunLouvre Pergolas will not use the personal information for any other purposes without your consent. Any information you provide to us is kept secure and remains strictly confidential. If you do not wish to receive additional information from us, you can let us know by contacting us.

The personal information we collect may include:

  1. Information relating to your identity (personal or business):
    such as your name, telephone numbers, personal address and / or business address and e-mail addresses; and any information provided by you in connection with an estimate or quote request, such as photos, plans, sketches.
  2. If you do business with our company, financial and legal information about you:
    such as your credit rating and profile, banking information, and occupational health and safety certifications; the organizational structure of the company, the names of shareholders, directors or sureties.
  3. If you ae apply for a job, information such as:
    your resume, education, job, interview notes and references.

People with whom we may share your information:

  1. SunLouvre Pergolas employees
    In the course of our day-to-day operations, access to personal information is restricted to employees who have a legitimate reason to access it. As a prerequisite for their employment, SunLouvre Pergolas employees must agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including this privacy policy. The unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential client information by one of SunLouvre Pergolas employees is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action
  2. SunLouvre Pergolas suppliers
    We use independent suppliers to provide you with certain products and services. These suppliers receive only the information they need in order to provide the specific service for which we have hire them. Suppliers have an obligation to protect the confidentiality of your personal information, and they are prohibited from using this information without our permission. They are required to treat your personal information in accordance with SunLouvre Pergolas’ privacy protection policy and in compliance with the privacy protection legislation of Québec and Canada.
  3. Exceptions
    In exceptional cases, we may share your personal or business information with others without your consent:
  • If we have a legal obligation to do so. For example, if we receive a court order to disclose your personal or business information.
  • If it is not possible to obtain your consent and the privacy protection laws allow us to disclose your personal and business information. For example, if the protection of the public interest requires it or in order to collect money you owe us (overdue accounts).

Anonymous information and "Cookies"

The SunLouvre Pergolas website reserves the right to use certain cookies like many other websites. This collection of anonymous data is for informational purposes only and allows us to analyze user trends on the sunlouvrepergolas.com site. This information may include the pages visited, your IP (internet protocol) address and other statistical information on site use. This anonymous information is used only for research and analysis purposes (to assess, for example, the number of visitors to our websites and the most frequently viewed pages). They do not reveal any personal information about you, the user. These aggregated data could be communicated to third parties, but would never be accompanied by information that could identify you.

“Cookies” are small text files that contain a unique identification number that allows our computers to identify your web browser (but not you) each time you visit one of our websites that use cookies. The information collected allows SunLouvre Pergolas to improve the functionality of the site and enhance the navigation and the level of security of your browsing session. You can configure your browser to notify you of a cookie, and you can reject them entirely. However, if you refuse to accept cookies, you may limit the functionality that we provide to you when you visit our site.

The test.sunlouvrepergolas.com site and its mobile version use retargeting technologies on the web. Thus, our visitors, who are already interested in our products, can view our advertisements on partner websites and social networks. Retargeting technologies analyze your cookies and display advertisements based on your behaviour and consumption patterns on the web. Please note that this technology does not record any of your personal information.

This policy does not cover personal or business information that you or your business disclose to social media. When you interact with us through social media, for example on our Facebook page or Instagram, you are giving personal information to these social networks and not to us. This information is covered by the privacy policy of these social media.


sunlouvrepergolas.com offers you a safe browsing environment. When you fill out a form on our website, your personal information is protected by encryption technology that secures the transmission of your information.

Intellectual property notice

The SunLouvre Pergolas by/par ID 224TM website as well as all content, slogans, personalized logo and icons belong to ID 224 Inc. All trademarks, registered or unregistered, and all trade names (collectively the “Trademarks”) contained on this website belong to us, or belong to the respective owner who has validly granted us the right and authorization to use them. Any adaptation or distribution is prohibited unless you have obtained prior permission to do so.

Questions, concerns and complaints

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints regarding your personal information or SunLouvre Pergolas’ privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

SunLouvre Pergolas
C/o Michael Langlois, Privacy Policy Officer
859, rue Bernard, Granby, QC, J2J 0H5
T 514-816-1605